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Chapter Membership

650 area security professionals assigned to the Houston Chapter.

About Our Membership

According to ASIS International’s membership roster, we have nearly 650 area security
professionals assigned to the Houston Chapter with many having elected to take
advantage of the benefits offered by joining the Houston Chapter. The membership
costs can easily be recovered by attending Chapter luncheon meetings and events
while taking advantage of the membership discount. All meetings and events provide
members an opportunity to network with other security professionals as well as take
away valuable information on security issues of interest to all. To become a chapter
member, please review the below instructions.

ASIS International Houston Chapter membership dues are $30.00 for an annual
membership. We are currently accepting payment for the 2019 calendar year. You are
required to be a member of the ASIS International organization before you can become a Houston ASIS International Chapter Member. This page is for joining the local Houston Chapter only.


Payment options include:
– Credit card online
– Credit card at an ASIS Houston luncheon or event
– Check by mail

Access to ASIS membership rosters is available through the ASIS International
member’s section at As a privacy consideration, the Houston
Chapter does NOT maintain a public roster of membership.

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ASIS International Membership FAQs

1. I want to join ASIS International.
2. I want to join the ASIS International Houston Chapter.
Go to the membership section of this webiste.
3. May I join the Houston Chapter without being an ASIS International Member?
No. You must first be an ASIS International member prior to joining the Houston chapter.
4. What are the benefits of being a member of the Houston Chapter?
The Chapter annual dues underwrite various local chapter functions including the Public Safety Liaison & Benevolence Committee.You also get member discounts or free access to chapter training sessions such as the CPP Annual Review Course, free logon access on the website to CPP and PSP study materials, post job opening for your firm, and $5 off at the monthly luncheons.

Certification FAQs 

1. Where can I get information on the CPP/PSP preparation classes?
Check the website home page for notices or contact Certifications Chair: David Cribbs, CPP, PSP at
2. How do I get 1 hour ASIS International CEU credit when I go to the luncheons?
You will be sent a certificate of attendance for 1 hour credit via e-mail. There is no action required on your part to receive this. If you do not get it within 2 weeks after the luncheon contact us at

Monthly Luncheon FAQs 

1. Where are the luncheons?
The luncheons are held at the Hess Club, 5430 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77056, (713) 627-2283.
2. How may I pay for the luncheons?
You may pay by credit card on the website or at the registration desk at the luncheon. Credit card are accepted at the registration desk. Please go to home page to select lunheon and register. If you do not reigster in advance, regardless of how you pay, there will be an add-on late charge of $5.